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“I don’t know what’s longer. A microwave minute or a treadmill minute.

Pharmacy Students…

Funny pictures about Pharmacy Students. Oh, and cool pics about Pharmacy Students. Also, Pharmacy Students.

epic couple! (great song by  Hugo ~ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=onDh4P1cE2E  )

99 Problems & Aint 1 Shirts> I absolutely love this idea, hilarious!

FedEx Painted Truck Optical Illusion photoshop submitted for Rhino Rolling Ads competition in Germany.


Snuffleupagus was one of my favorite Sesame Street characters! Did you know his first name is Aloysius! Find out other cool facts by tuning in to Sesame Street every weekday morning at

I'm so awkward sometimes I should do this.

How To Avoid Awkward Silences. Keep a pocket of confetti, throw it in the air, and while they are distracted, punch them in the face and run away. i will do the first part but i will not punch them in the face

hah, this is so true, they always figure it out in the craziest ways!

Funny pictures about Zoom and enhance! Oh, and cool pics about Zoom and enhance! Also, Zoom and enhance!