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How to get dried boogers off the wall. Hallelujah, it totally works!!!! Simply get a wad of toilet paper wet, break a piece off and stick it to the dried snot. Leave on for a half hour or so, remove, and viola! the booger comes right off without peeling your paint!

In a nutshell - to get dried boogers off the wall: get a handfull of toilet paper and get it wet tear off a little piece of wet tp a.

Do you have a booger wall in your house?  A super simple way to get the boogers off your wall - without scraping off the paint!

How to Get Boogers Off The Wall

Do you have a booger wall in your house? A super simple way to get the boogers off your wall - without scraping off the paint!

Clean Stainless Steel Faucets With Lemons to beautifully clean and shine those stainless steel faucets and make the entire room smell wonderful. You just cut a lemon in half and begin rubbing those stains away. This works perfectly for hard water stains and will also remove rust from metals in the bathroom or kitchen. Instead of harsh chemicals for those hard water stains, simply buy a couple of lemons and remove them naturally

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Spring Cleaning: Natural Cleaning Tips for the Bathroom with Lemons, baking soda and white vinegar (incuding toilets)

Use a match and glue stick to patch a hole in an air mattress

HOW TO FIX A HOLE IN AIR MATTRESS ~ Hole in an air mattress? Find it, melt a glue stick with a lighter and rub the melted part on the hole. Dries in seconds & your air mattress is as good as new!

Cut off the top of a pour spout container and insert it into the lid of a mason jar. Great for spices you use a lot of, adding sugar to your coffee, storing yeast in your fridge, keeping dry/powdered milk, garden fertilizer, and so much more.

Convert Mason Jars into a container with a pour spout. Cut the top off an empty cardboard salt container to the size of the canning lid on your jar (use it in place of the lid). Use the canning ring to screw it in place.

Remove yellow shirt stains + ring around the collar with hydrogren peroxide

How to whiten yellow shirt stains: Mix together 1 tbsp Dawn dish washing liquid, 2 tbsp hydrogen peroxide, and 2 tsp baking soda. Apply the mixture to the yellow area and scrub gently. Leave sit for two hours and launder as usual.

Reusable bags are full of bacteria and dirt if not taken care of properly.  Clean them by either placing in the washing machine (nylon or canvas tote) or by washing in a sink filled with warm water, 2 tbsp of dish liquid and a cup of hydrogen peroxide to clean and disinfect, ring out well and hang to dry (polypropolyne).

How To Clean Reusable Grocery Bags . The comments section also explains how to clean insulated reusable bags.

How to get a grease stain out of your clothes after they've gone through the dryer..who knew baking soda is all you ever need in the house...hahaha

remove grease stains with baking soda-elementary organization: stupid chapstick.

Soap for dry itchy skin.

*Gentle Body Wash - Soap for dry itchy cup liquid Castile soap ( I use Dr. vinegar ( I use cider vinegar) 1 tsp olive oil. Pour into a container and shake before each use.

The Pinterest Project: DIY Wool Dryer Balls

Wool dryer balls go into your dryer, helping to reduce energy and drying time. They eliminate the need to buy chemical laden dryer sheets, thus saving you money!