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Finger Plate - Home Model Engine Machinist

mariolucchini posted on the HMEM forum about his beautiful finger plate and storage box: One of the most gratifying tasks we modelers can .

morsa-de-precisao-angular-para-maquinas-abertura-80-mm-noll_1.jpg (550×550)

morsa-de-precisao-angular-para-maquinas-abertura-80-mm-noll_1.jpg (550×550)

WWW.PIEPKLEIN.NL                : Milling vise

A while ago I found this video by Luiz Ally: In it, he shows a vise he designed and made with his Sherline milling machine.

Miniature Indexing Table by mklotz -- I occasionally need to mount a small part on a faceplate so I made a tiny one to fit into a 1" collet. The T-slots were made with a 1/4" mill reground to look like a T-slot cutter. The T-nuts are 6-32. The back view, shows the spigot used to mount it in the collet. The spigot is removable and has a precision centering pin so that other fixtures can be fitted to it. (A sacrificial mounting plate is shown on the right.) Finally, with the spigot removed,...

Miniature Indexing Table - Homemade miniature indexing table constructed from a homemade miniature faceplate and a vertical collet holder.


Work holding vise uses hardened pins set in a matrix of holes in the jaws

How to use sine bars - Home Model Engine Machinist

How to use sine bars - Home Model Engine Machinist

Wedge clamp Ganter

Discover all the information about the product Wedge clamp GN - Ganter and find where you can buy it.

Lang Technovation vise jaws - super smart idea for milling vise jaws that eliminates the need for parallel bars

These vise jaws use protruding, mechanical pins to repeatedly support workpieces either horizontally or at angles. They are said to allow quicker setups than conventional parallels.

Practical Projects for New Machinists

I have a 60 degree cutter similar to this. Made my first quick change tool holder the other day. Came out a tad loose, but wow, what a great cutter! Made a very shiny, smooth surface too.