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Obama victory: Best gifs and memes

Obama victory: Best gifs and memes

Funny pictures about Obama approves. Oh, and cool pics about Obama approves. Also, Obama approves photos.

Columbia Professor Never Heard of Obama  “I taught at Columbia for 46 years. I taught every significant American politician that ever studied at Columbia. I know them all. I’m proud of them all. Between American History and Diplomatic History, one way or another, they all had to come through my classes. Not Obama. I never had a student with that name in any of my classes. I never met him, never saw him, never heard of him.”

Professor Henry Graff: "I taught at Columbia for 46 years & Obama could not have gone there. People who have tried to reveal the truth about Obama's past have DIED in some very unusual ways.

Can't lead his dog; and you give me, give me, give me idiots elected this illegal alien, allah worshiping, muslim POS to lead this country. All you people who want to sit on your lazy asses will soon really know what it's like to be lead around on a leash. The muslim brothers take no prisoners and if you don't serve a purpose in their group, you get mass graced with no headstones. That's what those people do to infidels that serve no purpose.

President Barack Obama takes first family dog Bo for a walk on the South Lawn of the White House.

This country was built on hard work and is now being destroyed by laziness, thanks to their own selfishness as well to those promoting it! hussein being the major promoting contributor of  his CRIMINAL, UNETHICAL, UNGODLY, UNPATRIOTIC stance! Treason-n-chief!

Today the White House is going to honor illegal immigrant activists at the White House. This is verified true and is reported on many internet sites. Happy to see Uncle Obama once again has his priorities straight.

If you are able Thank God you are able and get off your lazy tail and contribute to society!