As the years passed, he fell into despair, and lost all hope . . . . . . . For who could ever learn to love . . . A Beast?

Is the Beast supposed to be Batman? He broods in an empty castle, never shows his face, doesn't like to kill, and only removes his mask for the ones he loves.

Oh god here's the feel train coming in. That line "they find solace in each other after society rejects them both," hurts so much and reminds me of so many relationships in Wickerton. The whole story is pretty much a band of outcasts coming together to stop a world that's betrayed and hurt them at every turn from being destroyed. It's sad and beautiful and ultimately moving.

The truth behind Beauty and the Beast

What Beauty and the Beast is really about. The whole Stockholm syndrome thing never really sat right with me. This why this is my favourite Disney movie and princess


This is the live action cast of 'Beauty and the Beast'. I am so excited for this and it's a huge bonus that Dan Stevens, Emma Watson and Luke Evans are in this.

People don't realize how close it's sticking to the animated 'Beauty and the Beast' movie!

See Disney's New 'Beauty And The Beast' And The Original Side By Side

The difference between Gaston and the Beast when Belle is a bookworm xD ~Beauty and the Beast

The difference between Gaston and the Beast when Belle is a bookworm xD ~Beauty and the Beast. That's why I love the Beast

I got Prince Adam from Beauty and the Beast

'It is you!' when she touches his face, they kiss for the very first time! Adore prince Adam so much! He's different from another disney's prince, not a romantic or a sweet type at first, but Belle changes him :-) Love this moment!