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So Zoe says,  "Izzy, will I ever grow into these ears?"

So Zoe says, "Izzy, will I ever grow into these ears?



I Don’t Know Whether To Adopt Him Or Cast Him In a Movie. Pinning because my Dobie is also named Hawk.he is quite a character too, but his only special needs are his bad hips.


This firefighter saved this dog from her burning home. He carried her out of the house and into her front yard, then he returned to fight the fire. Animals matter too. We save lives, animal or human.

There is always a solution to any problem...

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Now this I gotta get for our litte Westy Frisbee!

Meanwhile at the Post Office. Lol why is this dog being subjected to post office errands?

dog's life / cat's life

Dog Has Adorable Habit of Holding Her Owner's Hand While He Drives

Dog's opinion of car rides vs. Cat's opinion of car rides

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This adorable golden retriever managed to lodge his chicken bone between his cheeks! While it's dangerous to give animals small bones like chicken bones, his expression is adorable!

Hey, what's going on. Chloe & Horace aren't playing hide & seek. They've left me out here and are getting treats. Huh! I never!

How To Prevent Westie Beard Stains: Angels' Eyes Tear-Stain Eliminator for Dogs, Lixit Dog Water Bottles, Aquasana Complete Countertop Filtr.