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Père Lachaise-Réunion, Paris, Ile-de-France, FR

Père Lachaise-Réunion, Paris, Ile-de-France, FR

CN Tower, Toronto. The most famous skyscraper in all of Canada which is located in the biggest city in the country.

10 Reasons To Visit Toronto City

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Beethoven's Ninth Symphony premiered at Karntnertortheater, with Beethoven himself fake-conducting. He received 5 standing ovations before the police interfered. After all, the Emperor only got

The beautiful town of Jaujac, France recently became part of an art installation designed by Marseille-based artist Gaëlle Villedary. A visionary design made out of 168 rollers of grass attempts to connect the inhabitants with the surrounding nature.

French artist Gaelle Villedary installed nearly 1400 foot long grass carpet path through the town of Juajac, France. It is known as Tapis Rouge (Red Carpet)

Tomb of Henry VII and Queen Elizabeth of York  Parents of King Henry VIII  in Westminster Abbey

The joint tomb of the founders of the Tudor dynasty: Henry VII & Elizabeth of York Tomb.


London, Big Ben photo -Night Rainbow - Fine Art Photography Print of Big Ben in London, England - - pink via Etsy.


ound in Setenil de las Bodegas, Spain, this town of people is home to some of the best restaurants and bars in all of Europe

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Hatfield House.  This is where the young Elizabeth I found out that she had become Queen

Hatfield House, Hertfordshire, England built by Robert Cecil, advisor to Elizabeth I and James I / The land once was home to Hatfield Palace and a bit of that residence still remains on the grounds. / I love late Tudor/Jacobean architecture.

evysinspirations: Ukraine, Kiev, St. Sophia's Cathedral. Unesco world by Tuul and Bruno Morandi on Getty Images

Ukraine - Green rooftops in Kiev. Facts of Ukraine: Area: sq km. A flat, fertile, forested plain with few natural boundaries. Official language: Ukrainian, but Russian widely spoken.

The Crowning Chair in Westminster Abbey, every British King or Queen has been crowned in this chair since 1308

King Edward's Crowning Chair in Westminster Abbey, every British King or Queen has been crowned in this chair since It was commissioned in 1296 by King Edward I built to contain the coronation stone of Scotland (the Stone of Scone).

The Puzzle Surrounding Hagia Sophia | Annoyz View

The Puzzle Surrounding Hagia Sophia