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Il est l'heure de dormir pour ce mignon petit chaton // By the time I get the sleep outta one eye, it's time for another nap. My life is a never-ending dance with the 'Sandman'.

Sleepy Koala

Photo: Koalas are amazing. They can sit on the tiniest of branches and practically sleep anywhere :) beautiful creatures you can hear them snore long before you see them

funny pet pictures with quotes - Google Search

Funny Pictures: Funny dog pictures with quotes, funny dog picture, puppy dog pictures

chat dort sur gros chien

Des chiens et chats pris sur le fait ! (Photos)

You could sleep in your cozy pet bed, or you could curl up on your cozy pet friend. The choice seems pretty clear.

Walrus’ Reaction after getting a fish cake - WTF fun facts

Walrus' reaction after getting a birthday cake made out of fish. So cute it hurts. I now want a Walrus of my own, just so I can give it fish cakes and make it this happy. So sweet!

I think she likes her.. ♥

There was a bit of hesitation, some examination.then APPROVAL!

This danger water potato is very cute

This "dangerous" water potato is very cute.<<<beware the water potato

hysterical! http://sulia.com/my_thoughts/d09b0878-c462-41fd-b8c4-36336c8947fd/?pinner=119686333

Pinner said:My grand dog Champ (RIP) and the kitten I (me.Mindy) brought home from Landes Meat Market in Clayton Ohio. So so sweet. Love the gentle giant Great Danes!(AWW SO CUTE!