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Now that I have a couple Alex and Ani's, I definitely need this one. Go Cards!!

We Are Sorry

Alex and Ani Cards bracelet!

Sportsmanship • Charity • Respect -- An unpredictable game focused on camaraderie and competition, golf puts an emphasis on enjoyment and self-improvement. Embrace the motivational energy of the PGA Tour Collection as a reminder that hard work and a strong passion for the game leads to success.    Perfect for the golf widow!  :)

Alex and Ani PGA Tour Collection - Golf Ball Charm Bangle, Russian Gold

Passion • Competition • Honor Thinking of gifting this to my sister for Christmas... or both of us :)

ALEX AND ANI – Bracelets, Necklaces, Earrings and More

Game, Set, Match Charm Bangle- ok it's official I need an Alex and a I

The left eye of the Egyptian God Horus is associated with lunar energy that symbolizes intuition, good health, and protection in connection with the moon. With the intention of safeguarding the king in the afterlife, the eye of Horus is meant to ward off evil. Wear the Eye of Horus Charm for healing properties, reasoning abilities, and powers of protection.

Alex And Ani Eye Of Horus Charm Bangle Bracelet ~ Protection

Creation • Oneness • Truth http://www.alexandani.com/bangles/om-expandable-wire-bangle-4299.html

Alex And Ani Om Charm Bangle Bracelet ~ Creation

Illumination • Comfort • ResilienceThrough September 2014, 20% of all Alex and Ani sales, with a minimum donation of $25,000, will be donated to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society to cure leukemia, lymphoma, Hodgkin’s disease and myeloma, and improve the quality of life of patients and their families.

A lighthouse is a welcoming structure, a reassuring sign of steady ground ahead, and an optimistic symbol of hope for all looking to move forward safely. It is an emblem of strength located at the edge of unpredictable tides as it provides navigational gu

Personal • Timeless • Distinctive  Alex and Ani want this one so badly

Initial Charm Bangle

Alex and Ani Initial L Charm Bangle

Spontaneity • Blessing • Destiny Mother's Day gift 2013 from Precious daughter Nicky

ALEX AND ANI – Bracelets, Necklaces, Earrings and More

Alex + Ani Bangle -- it is what it is

november birthstone alex and ani Courage • Fidelity • Wisdom

Alex and Ani November Birthstone Charm Bangle

Today is an Opportunity Charm Bracelet | Alex and Ani - 20% of the proceeds of this bracelet go to Pancreatic Cancer research.

Alex and Ani opportunity bangle Courage

Live a Happy Life Charm Bracelet | Alex and Ani

Live A Happy Life Charm Bangle - Courage

Initial M Charm Bangle - Personal • Timeless • Distinctive

Initial Charm Bangle

Initial M Charm Bangle Silver Finish Personal

Alex & Ani Pineapple Charm Bracelet meaning Welcome • Warmth • Friendship (want in Russian Silver)

Alex & Ani Pineapple Charm Bracelet meaning Welcome

"Embrace the spirited energy of the Penguin Charm to live with purpose, to give love without question, and to be bold in your pursuits. "

Penguin Charm Bangle silver- Alex and Ani

Connection • Community • Resilience...one of my fave silver non beaded..need ot ..this comes befire claddagh

Alex And Ani Celtic Knot Charm Bangle Bracelet ~ Connection

Cowboy Boot Charm Bangle|Conscious • Dedicated • Resilient| In honor of the caretakers of the Earth, the dedicated farmers and original cowboys, this American icon stands for unrelenting strength. Follow in the footsteps of these hardworking heroes to live in harmony with the land. Embrace the spirited energy of the Cowboy Boot Charm to remain consciously committed to preserving and appreciating nature's gifts.

Alex and Ani: Cowboy boot charm bangle Conscious