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Dan's funny thought of the day: I always say, “Morning,” instead of, “Good morning.” If it were a good morning, I would still be asleep in bed instead of talking to people.

Betty White is awesome… Probably my favorite person ever

Betty White is awesome…

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Funny Confession Ecard: I lose track of how many times a day I'd like to turn to someone and say 'you can't seriously be this freaking stupid!

When I'm being abnormally quiet, I am either about to blow up, need a hug, falling apart, crying inside, or all of the above.

falling apart inside when I am quiet. Unfortunately, this is me at work almost all the time now!

We all know one of these!

I wish I can sleep in every morning. I have never been a morning person but my life has changed in many ways since having the kids. Just let me sleep!

Yep all the time!(:

All the time. pretty much daily Do you ever just wake up an go "NOPE" .and roll over and go back to sleep? I do, almost every morning.

i don't remember much from last night but the fact that i needed sunglasses to open the fridge tells me it was awesome

Every. Time.

LOL funny true i can relate so true teen quotes relatable alarm so relatable<<My name is Amigo Montoya, you kill my father, PREPARE TO DIE!

The lovely lover

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but wanting so much to "get up and go"!

Relatable Post I pretty much spend all day, every day, just looking forward to going back to sleep. So true and so me.

They should put more wine in the bottle...so there's enough for two people.

Funny Cry for Help Ecard: They should put more wine in the bottle. so there's enough for two people.

Instead of being broke and in debt!

As soon as I get a "real" job after graduating, anything that doesn't go to bills & savings is going towards credit card & student loans. I want to be debt free by the time I'm

I can be pretty productive in the morning if I can focus through the tired. The rest is true!

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This is the truth of my life. Except now it has become: Morning = exhausted, Afternoon = Dizzy from fatigue, Night = too panicked to sleep.


So true! Kids need to spend time "outside" playing with friends, that was an awesome part of my childhood. We were allowed to play until sunset and we did.