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koala! :D

When they were front and centre of your selfies.

Pothead be like

Just a happy koala bear, that is all. That Koala is high as hell from the Eculyptus leaves it ate!

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Sleeping Koala Bear ( I held a baby koala in Australia.

sleeping koala

sleeping koala

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Adorable koala - cute little tongue! A koala has two thumbs and three fingers on each of their front paws.

sleepy koala

Funny pictures about Sleeping Baby Koala. Oh, and cool pics about Sleeping Baby Koala. Also, Sleeping Baby Koala photos.


Sleeping Koala - they must all have 'Sweet Dreams' because they always smile when asleep

Because of its distinctive appearance, the koala is recognised worldwide as a symbol of Australia. The animal was hunted heavily in the early 20th century for its fur. Sanctuaries were established, and translocation efforts moved to new regions.The biggest threat to their existence is habitat destruction caused by agriculture and urbanisation.

cute baby koala and mother - animals - bw - wild - ✔BWC Love our Aussie wildlife

Image: Koalas (© Rex Features)

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KOALA Mom and Baby Phascolarctos cinereus ©Cameron Richardson / Rex Features Boonda the six-month-old baby koala makes his public debut with his mother, Elle, in their enclosure at Sydney Wildlife World The scientific name of the koala’s genus,.