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Yoshi Sudarso as Li Shang

tiny-candy-mice: “sadpieceofgarbage: “Ladies, gentlemen, and nobility of other genders, may I present to you the literal perfect casting choice for Li Shang in Mulan: Yoshua “Yoshi” Sudarso.

Maleficent - La Montagne Interdite

Sorciere by on deviantART - Awesome art of the most badass Disney villain in history. Love that they kept the medieval style going. TAGS: disney art maleficent i/artwork i/artistry

Slikovni rezultat za yoshi sudarso long hair

Slikovni rezultat za yoshi sudarso long hair

Real life Disney Characters | Vitamin-Ha

real life disney I love this! They should make movies with them drawn like this. It'd be like real life!

❦ An engaged couple looking through a photo album to make a slide show for their wedding discovered they were at the same place at the same time and a photo was taken. The woman was in the foreground and the man was in the background being pushed in a stroller by his father.

While looking at old photos of a childhood trip to Disney World, a married woman noticed her father-in-law in the background, pushing her future husband in a stroller. Destiny at work!

Yoshi Sudarso

Yoshi Sudarso

Disney has some great lines

Disney has some great lines

Peter Pan, Peter O'toole, Disney Cruise/plan, Childhood, Cartoon

Yep, one week after our return, I decided to take a year off from work to spend more time with my kids and to be a "kid" with them! Something about Disney.....

Almost did this once for real lol. We had found a house and jobs to apply for!