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Some days, you just have to put on the hat and remind them who they're dealing with.

Nick palmisciano essay Hello America, my name is Nick Palmisciano and I wrote the essay below, not General David Petraeus, “A Marine in Iraq”, General Schwarzkopf.

"You need to remember who you're talking to".....honey....so.do.you.....:D

Jeff always used to call me a witch. It's all good, I always called him a midget, the Metal Midget to be precise. He was a tad short, Not a real midget!

I had to pin this..lol I have resting b#tch face & if ya don't know me you would think Im perhaps peeved. Lol

A friend tagged me to this, we call it "resting bitch face". Hahaha I'm guessing I look mean by the way people look at me and NO ONE approaches me either. I'm a nice person, I swear.

Not moody

Beware, the older I get the more of these days occur . if it continues for long in my presence the flying monkeys will be released!

hahaha, totally me!

My Aunt Olive used to babysit him.She always referred to him as "Little Jackie"

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Elizabeth Taylor Quote, "I Don't Have a Short Temper, I Just have a Quick Reaction to Bullshit". I love this quote !