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PETA Tries Fat-Shaming to Convince People to Go Vegan - Print (image) -  http://arcreactions.com/

PETA: Go Vegan bus ad

Example of a fat-shaming PETA ad on the back of a city bus. Two problems F*ck PETA - danceswithfat

Would you wear these Crocs?!

These crocs are hot! I guess the Amsterdam-based artist Sit thought the other Crocs are hideous and needed a make over so he gave them a fashionable start! These crocodile shoes are on display Jona…

Brushing twice a day can help win that battle against plaque monsters! #justsmile #newparkmalldental www.newparkmallfamilydental.com

Remember to fight plaque and tooth decay just like Sully from Monsters Inc and ALWAYS brush your teeth!

91 Bizarre Shoes - Seriously Strange Footwear, From Winged Sandals to Staple Heels (CLUSTER)

91 Bizarre Shoes

Luxury Footwear Sneak Peak - The fashion world is on pins and needles anticipating the launch of Omelle, a brand new line of luxury footwear. Designers Cherise Angelle and Nico.

Handpainted TOMS Shoes- DENTIST- PINK Shoes- Dental Theme- (I supply the shoes) on Etsy, $115.00

Handpainted TOMS Shoes- DENTIST- PINK Shoes- Dental Theme- Let us know if you think our Dental Assistants should wear these.