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Erwin Schrodinger honored with Google Doodle, 8/12/2013

Erwin Schrodinger honored with Google Doodle

Austrian physicist and Nobel Prize winner Erwin Schrödinger (August 1887 — January a founder of quantum physics who used cats to explain things long before Internet cat videos became cool.

Indiana Jones #cosplay- Pinning this because OMG it's Laz! You are required to pin when you know the awesome guy in the picture with his cute kid!!

These parents deserve a badge of honor for their work (35 Photos)

Indiana Jones cosplay- Pinning this because OMG it& Laz! You are required to pin when you know the awesome guy in the picture with his cute kid!

Firefly! Shiny...Let's be bad guys.

Browncoat for life<< Yea we are

12 Mightiest Funny Avenger Gifs | SMOSH

Yer a wizard, Thor. Every time we watch 'avengers' My Brother and I yell at the same time "ACCIO HAMMER!

I love this it's so true...

Hogwarts Harry Potter Doctor Who Battlestar Galactica Star Wars Lord of the Rings Star Trek Firefly

That awkward moment when I don't even know who Magic Mike is... >_> oh well, AVENGERS!!!!!!! (and Loki!)

So true. Definitely pass on Magic Mike. Lovelovelovelovelovelovelovelove Loki, and, in a not as intense way, love those other guys too. Except Thor. Sorry Thor, I just can't get that into your character. And it's not even due to my Loki thing either.


I would really like to make this on a sign and hold it up every time someone says the obvious. *NO SHIT SHERLOCK

Star Wars Nursery Prints | Source: http://gadgetsin.com/cartoony-star-wars-characters-alphabet ...

We've seen two sets of Star Wars cartoon characters. But apparently this adorable Star Wars characters alphabet is easy to be accept by little kids.

(Click gif) Benedict Cumberbatch, On the set of Star Trek >w< Being FABULOUS~!

Star Trek... Into DANCE!

gif "The Club Khan't Even Handle Me Right Now" Benedict Cumberbatch has the moves :P

Wow, I just realized I'm in a LOT of fandoms, some of mine aren't even on the list!!

What Your Fandom Really Says About You

What Your Fandom Really Says About You. Surprisingly true (Sherlock, Doctor Who, LoTR, Star Wars, Marvel)

Family Facebook Request

Darth Vader Friends Luke Skywalker On Facebook

How to train your dragon, toothless, night fury, dragon, plush toy