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revelment    I'm not convinced that everything happens for a reason. But I am convinced that love is blind...Facebook proves it!

Love Them. Many times I've said that another word for cliche is truism!



right now. someone you havent met is out there wondering what it would be like to meet someone like you

Someone you haven’t met is out there wondering what it would be like to meet someone like you.

Thats it !!!!!!

What we all want in life, to travel, fall in love and be happy. Beach - Quote - Happiness so true :)

Growing up. So keep the wonderful memories but find yourself moving on.

You find out who you are and what you want, and then you realize that the people you've known forever don't see things the way you do. So you keep the wonderful memories, but find yourself moving on.

it is simply incredible moments in time that will stick with you

20 Inspirational Quotes to Give You Daily Motivation

Quotes about Life - We do not remember days, we remember moments.life is about making memories

"Sometimes the hardest thing and the right thing are the same." ~ The Fray in the song: 'All At Once' - Just what I needed

Take time to figure things out and don't rush things.

As Time Goes On You'll Understand. What Lasts, Lasts; Time Solves Most Things. And What Time Can't Solve, You'll Have To Solve Yourself.

Mark FacingGod Sedacca said   "Winners in life, are people who aren't afraid to take a chances ...Underachievers, sit around & wait for the odds to improve... Be a person who says 'don't tell me about the odds!!' Only you know what you are truly passionate about ∯ No one feels what you feel, so why let their words determine what you do?  Advice is nice but follow your heart, the word of God, the unction of the indwelling Holy Spirit, & keep your eyes focused upon the prize, & Christ…

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