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Opal via. Heritage Auctions

Contra Luz Precious Opal cts) / Opal Butte, Morrow Co., Oregon, wow, it looks like the ocean!

black opal stones | Black Opal Gemstone- Ring stone possibilities.

Black Opal is Australia’s national gemstone. Found in the Lightning Ridge area in northwestern New South Wales, black opals are natural, solid stones that absorb scattered white light, giving it brilliant spectral colors.

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marshmallowsandbubbles: “ what kind of wizardry is this? ” I thought it was real opal to begin with but the source says it is a polymer clay faux made to look like opal. I want some!

Fire-Opal.jpg メキシコで産出されたオパール


Florida-based gemstone enthusiast Jeff Schultz captures a stunning image of a Mexican Fire Opal that, depending on how you visually interpret it, looks like a beautiful sunset in the clouds or a fiery explosion with billowing smoke.

この世のものとは信じがたい「魔法の世界の空」を宝石に閉じ込めたオパール 3種 - DDN JAPAN

この世のものとは信じがたい「魔法の世界の空」を宝石に閉じ込めたオパール 3種

malformalady: opal butte crystal with Contra luz color plays. This gem has all faceted faces and contains some amazing matrix inclusions. The mix of of facets, color plays, and minerals creates an almost mystical or “underwater” like scene within.


Sparkling blue turquoise crystals from Bishop Mine, Campbell County, Virginia, USA - It looks like a starry night!


Crystal sphere with Rainbow. This is a very rare crystal with rainbow colours inside. I love how the sphere has a smooth texture, then you look inside and the rainbow colours seem to stand out. Kinda looks like ice crystals.