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Logans Run TV Picture Gallery 7

Logans Run TV Picture Gallery 7

Logan's Run (TV Series 1977–1978) - IMDb

In a futuristic society where reaching the age of 30 is a death sentence, a rebellious law enforcement agent goes on the run in search of Sanctuary.

Logan's Run(1977-1978)

Logan's Run(1977-1978)

Logan's Run - TV Series: Inside the Solarcraft

Les séries des années 70, 80, 90...

Logan's Run spun off to a short-lived TV series that was SO BAD. Even when I was a child, I realized it was bad.

Logan's Run 1977 Logan - Gregory Harrison Jessica - Heather Menzies-Urich Rem - Donald Moffat Francis - Randy Powell

Logan's Run - the TV Series

Logan's Run aired on TV from September, 1977 to January, 1978 The TV series known as Logan's Run was based on the film of the same name from the film itse