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The Quirky Covert is a device that will let you lock your drawers without a visible lock on the outside of the drawer face, and uses a magnetic key that will open the lock through the drawer. The magn...

Hidden lock for doors & drawers uses magnetic key. Cool way to keep kids out or just to keep your stuff safe. the latch remains hidden and your magnet key opens it when you need it!

Benriner Mandoline

Benriner Mandoline

The Benriner is an essential tool for any kitchen. With durable plastic construction and three blades, vegetables can be thinly sliced quickly and effic.


Funny Doormat slide to unlock iphone ipod ipad apple style door mat 2 3 4

Now THAT Is what I need! Lids that stop boiling over! So glad Pampered Chef has the new Boil Over No More lids!! Love them!!

stop boiling over…

I want one of these! Kuhn Rikon KochBlume Large Spill Stopper Lids from Sur La Table

Is there no end to baking tools not for us there isn't

My Favorite Things: Kitchen Gadgets How much do you love awesome kitchen gadgets? Here are My Favorite Things: Kitchen Gadgets for Eggs, Cherries, Cake, etc. This post contains affiliate links Cake Layer Slicing Kit Icing Sculptor Tool… View Post

Portion-control serving utensils for starch, veggies, and protein. $15 for the set. REALLY good idea. This would probably help me a lot!

Pre-portioned Serving Set, Healthy Steps Portion Control, need this i like food way too much !

Just a Slice Cake Pan

Just a Slice Silicone Cake Pan, Pink or Green , great for expensive GF baking, make it special!


The Go Plate Reusable Food & Beverage Holder. *Until he's so into the football game that he takes a drink and spills food on himself! Lmao I can so see that happening! Funny until I have to clean up the mess.