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"Toilet Telephone is Perfect for Your Pottymouth"

Barbie herself would be pretty pleased with this Pretty in Pink version of the almighty girl-throne.  $2,100.00

Whether this mosaic toilet appeals to you or it doesn't, you gotta give its maker props. All those pieces of mirror, the pink grout, the naked lady flush handle?

Little public for me.. outdoor toilet

Public Urinal - I'm a big fan of being direct, of getting right to the point, of not beating around the bush, etc. But this public urinal certainly took things a little too far.

Brasil: Guitar Pee

This is the Guitar Pee, a custom urinal commissioned by Billboard Music Brasil and installed in their office that allows a user to play a jam with their urine stream by hitting the different strings.

Forget sprays...This toilet has a built-in fan.

Bathroom smells have a tendency to spread before you can do anything about them

Une bouée en forme de chiottes, chic et estival | Topito

Une bouée en forme de chiottes, chic et estival

Top 10 Innovative Hi-Tech Toilets

Top 11 Innovative Hi-Tech Toilets

ECOJOHN Portable Incinerating Toilets -- perfect for cabins or even for a modern backyard shed/guest room