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I wish that day would come when Matt leaves and David returns

Doctor Who Valentine's Day card.

Fourth Doctor Who Valentine's Day Card. I 10 and Rose. Just a warning, a lot of these cards are probably going to feature them. Doctor Who Valentine 4

He's always thought this stuff (probably even the fez... I can actually hear Ten saying, "Legs, YES... bowtie: cool. I can buy a fez." in that adorable Ten voice with the cocky jerk of the chin and the left eyebrow sticking up...), he was just never this verbal about it before.

He's always thought this stuff (probably even the fez. I can actually hear Ten saying, "Legs, YES. I can buy a fez." in that adorable Ten voice of his

This time last year I was falling in love with the Doctor, (and pinterest).  This brings back so many memories!! I giggled like an idiot during the whole scene because he does so much Awesome and Adorable.

thats the Lion King." Quite probably the line that turned me into a full-blown Whovian. - oh my gosh, two of my favorite things ever: David Tennant and the Lion King

Sherlock Holmes is cool.... Is this what that rumor about Sherlock and doctor who was about because I still really want to see them both acting together

Sherlock: It's not a hat. It's a death Frisbee. The Doctor: I wear a death Frisbee now. Death Frisbee's are cool.

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Can't wait to see what Peter Capaldi will do as 12.

Okay so I totally think that Peter Capaldi looks like an older Arthur Darvill which works really well, because Rory the Roman and then he plays a Roman in this episode! It just works so well. Even though it's not actually a thing.


"Etymology of companion names: Rose." Also, the translation of the Doctor's granddaughter name into English. Yes, Susan's Gallifreyan name translated into Rose.


Watch Doctor Who they said. Trust me they said. It's a great show with lots of British Humor they said. Why are you sobbing on the floor they said. <<---- sobbing is considered British humor.

Cheesy Doctor Who pick up line

Are you a Weeping Angel? Because I could stare at you all day hahaha how I love Doctor Who pick up lines…. Doctor Who Valentines

this will appear one day when you least expect it. I may leave one morning and be gone for years, but the doctor will get me home before dinner ;)

‘Doctor Who’s Day Roundup: You’ve Seen The Stamps, Now Read The Books

I wish I could say I owned this but that woukd imply my life has rosen above the best it could be, I would be the doctors companion!