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Add some nerdy flair to your winter decorations with these Star Wars themed snowflakes. #snowflakes #starwars #winter

Print them out and create a Star Wars winter wonderland. Claycomb I thought of Tracy and Xander when I saw this! You will have to do a Star Wars winter wonderland this Christmas!

The 12th DIY of Christmas: Paper Bulb Ornaments

The 12th DIY of Christmas: Paper Bulb Ornaments

Silver Glittered Snowflake Magnets - Set/4. Measurements:  1.5" High

Embellish Your Story Snowflakes Magnets Set of 4

Harry Potter Snowflake

This is my first attempt at trying to craft a logo snowflake and it was to be for a friend that is a Harry Potter fan. Although I used plai.

Paper snowflake tutorial. Made these before....beautiful.

Make a 3D Paper Snowflake

How to Make a Paper Snowflake. Three dimensional paper snowflakes look beautiful hanging in a window or on a wall. Fun for kids or adults, they are easy to make. Some like them for Christmas, but you may like them any time!

Fox Mulder Snowflake

I made this for a former co-worker that is a huge X-Files fan. I know at first glance it looks more like a creature that you see on the X.

DIY paper snowflake decorations | How About Orange Tutorial by Jessica Jones

With computer paper, you can now make super easy snowflake decorations. These DIY Paper Snowflake Decorations are also fun crafts to make with your kids. The little ones will have fun turning your home into a winter wonderland.