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This would have been awesome

Check this out

THIS needs to be a thing! Stan lee picking up thors hammer. But Stan Lee was one of the old men drinking with Thor in the beginning of the movie

yOU HAD ONE PHONE CALL SCOTT>> oh and tell my daughter I said hey and that I will try to bring her back a souvenir..

Hahaha Hank Pym getting a message from Scott about his run-in with the Avengers in Civil War xD

Seriously though... The Avengers: Age Of Ultron / Captain America: Civil War

If you're scared for Infinity War clap your hands! If you're scared for Infinity War clap your hands If you're scared Steve might die, and probably will cry. If you're scared for Infinity War clap your hands! *claps until hands fall off*

Actually I only reject Natasha x Bruce and also QUICKSILVER DEATH, but this is funny

AoU was the biggest letdown of and 2015 was just one huge letdown after another.

No. So you can catch me as I throw myself on the ground from misery and pain from Cap and Peggy and Bucky and Tony and I'm gonna go cry in a corner now.

I texted my friend that we should go see Civil War together so I could "cry nerd tears on her shoulder.

All with really great outfits too

All with really great outfits too << Let me do a headcount here. Steve, Clint, Scott and who else?

NOOO<--it's going to be devastating and i can't wait to have my feelings ruined for life

"Civil War changes the Marvel Universe forever, j don't think fans are emotionally ready for that.

Steve Rogers captain America marvel mcu avengers #saynotoHYDRAcap

Even I would prefer Cap dead for fighting for what's right than have him alive and apart of Hydra.

Freedom, eh?

Freedom, eh?

America why couldn't Thor's hammer break captain Americas shield Canada maple syrup