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Mormon Cartoonist: July 2011

Asleep in church

All friendly and interested on minute and hostile and closed off the next: I think I taught a couple of Dr. Jekyls and Mr Hydes myself.

I'm sure that every missionary has had an investigator or two who has a little Dr. Hyde in them: all happy to see them and .

Angel Shepherd

Christmas Morning

Angel Shepherd

Beckstrom Buzz: Supply levels

Hopefully you'll get credit for trying.

I can't think of a better landing place!

Nursery of Misfit Toys

15 Christmas Comics Mormons Will Understand All Too Well

Thanksgiving, how stinking funny is this?? Laugh my friends this is great, please no offense to anyone!

Maxine - Stress-free Thanksgiving dinner - Turkey w/ prozac



If the guys in yellow and blue denim show up before the disaster, they are probably Minions. If they show up after the disaster, they're probably Mormon Helping Hands.

With recent highly publicized natural disasters striking a number of areas throughout the United States and Mexico, the Mormon Helping Han.


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Hieing to Kolob in a bucket of bolts.

Hieing to Kolob in a Bucket of Bolts

Here's the one thing that I think the prequels lacked that, if Lucas would have found a way to fit into the movies, would have improved th.

'Oh, I didn't tell you? Must have been none of your fucking business then.'

Oh I didn't tell you? Must have been none of your fucking business then. I swear sometimes fucking people really fucking get on my fucking nerves.

Mormon Cartoonist

Mormon Cartoonist

It might be worth it to ward hop just to sample the various treats on various bishops' desks.

Mormon Cartoonist

Mormon Cartoonist

Best of #Mormon and #LDS Humor

Fab Five: Mormon Humor

Happily Ever After by Arie Van De Graaff

Sometimes high adventure might be too much.

High Adventure

I realize school has already started for most kids, but the calendar still says August, blast it! With that said, I'm going to ignore real.