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I thought you would trust me enough to tell me what was on your mind.   I will miss you in so many ways.

Customized eGo-Twist Vaporizer with USB cable charger , empty/new e-juice container case . Its new in the box , was only opened for customizing . Battery tested before shipping , so all sales are final .

Girlie vape gear, love it!

Guide to find the Best Vaporizer - The Vape Generation

The Pretty Vapes Thread! Ladies Join up with Nu-Vapor and show off your pretty…

Purple Mosaic Edition Evic. #vape

Vapor couture, one fact which is extremely popular regarding vapor couture is that is it the only women exclusive e cigarette brand available on the market. This brand designs product which are exclusively designed for women.

Vape Royalty - 3D Glitter Khrome Vape, $39.99 (

Vape Royalty - 3D Glitter Khrome Vape, $39.99 (