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Everyday life, ALWAYS BETTER WITH THE FANDOM.<---- a spoonful of Fandom helps your boringlife go down << this!

Everyday life, ALWAYS BETTER WITH THE FANDOM.<--- A spoonful of fandom helps reality go down!<< the reality go, the reality go d o w n! A spoon full of fandom helps the reality go down, helps ease the land when you fall in hell!

Do you want to build a snowman parody. Except Theo is Percy and Instagram is Pinterest. Who wants to help me write the rest?!

Do you want to join a fandom? Or read some series with me? I really think you should this book, and too How about we join another fandom!

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I would take one class each from the SuperWhoLock majors(Myths, Observing, Biology) as well as some from Fangirl and HP, but definitely major in Avengers. Also totally taking half a year of gym and swimming each, with yoga all year long.

We are demigods and we WILL fuck you up

Half-Bloods will murder you.<<<Is half bloods will take a sword and cut urhead off and don't even get me started on potterheads cuz I'm a slytherin and if u forgot what they do, re-read it

Feel free to ask me. ^w^ @Evenstar4 @wholocklin0414 @frodothesecond @MaidofLorraine7 @destinyanddoom

Doctor Who Push off a cliff: "Ricky" Micky Smith Set on fire: Clara Have a relationship with: Captain Jack Harkness Marry: Rose Tyler Wrap a blanket around: Amelia Pond Be a roommate with: Donna Noble

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It's true (Harry Potter, Hunger Games, Percy Jackson, Doctor Who -- Yeah, pretty much every fandom)

A poem to break your fandom heart

I wrote the fandoms a poem I'm not crying at all, what are you talking about? *crying in the corner*>>> yeah? What tears are you talking about? My tear ductes have been riped out by so many fandoms all at once. I can no longer cry.