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There are still certain moments/days/holidays in life that I break down & I tell myself this. God keeps you in his arms, I keep you in my heart. We miss you mom, dad and all.

I'd give my one more day to Doug so he could spend it with you... he misses his brother so much.

Artwork by Tanya Lord! For my mom and dad! If God granted me one wish only! I would ask Him if I can see you again! Miss you from the bottom of my heart! Love you Forever!


**Letter from heaven~~ For my Dad who passed away when I was a little girl, and my Mom who passed away not too many years after**

Our love always true Kayla♡ (Artwork by MarieSte)

Sounds like this is more for a spouse, but it works for me, and the grief that i feel for my fur baby, Oxy as well. Will always miss you so much! Artwork by MarieSte

The grief is deep even though you may not be able to see it.

For many grievers, tears come in private places like the car or the shower, the garden or the closet . Just because you don't see us crying doesn't mean we aren't feeling the loss. To the contrary, we feel their loss QUITE DEEPLY.

Dance with a limp

that pain is real but we somehow learn to live with it. We eventually learn to love again in the process. Miss my brother.