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Two cools chics out on the town at a cool warehouse party. Guys, let’s not be mean they are just doing their thing. Hipsters or Dipsters?

Cory Kennedy and Mary Kate

“Excuse me, is this the stop for Yikestown?”

Hispter or Dip-ster? This should be an easy choice!

Look at this fucking love connection.

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Cory Kennedy. Famous for being photographed at LA parties, that were posted on the Internet. Influenced fashion and a generation of "hipster" girls.

yes hot mess, Cory Kennedy

Needs a wash...

6 Hilarious Hipster Blogs

South African hipsters are an absolute treat, and an absolute joy to rip off. These hipster crimes are the realest.

Hipster Shopper with mustache.

Of Hipsters And Haircuts

“This dead tree is the perfect wingman.”

This dead tree is the perfect wingman.

“I’m worried that this briefcase makes me look too professional.”

“I’m worried that this briefcase makes me look too professional.”

Pretty hilarious page if you can tolerate a little crass language.

"Oh you caught me being ironic, while you were being ironic.

StereoTypes - Are You A Hipster? - YouTube

Are You A Hipster? Stereotypes - Do you consider yourself a "hipster"? Answering "NO" to this question may actually be proof that you are.