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I'm a piranha!

my friends. I have friends who do these things and I'm getting braces in two weeks. Everyone should be prepared for me to run around saying this all the time. "I'm a piranha"!

YES! lol ... I once actually said that when I was walking my little brother to school cause I saw a bunch of pigeons, and my brother was like "What?!?" and I was like "It's a Directioner thing". true story. but now I do it almost all the time so he finally has stopped asking :> hehehe

There is so many pigeons at school so every one i see i yell out Kevin LOL. My friends think I'm a bit crazy but I can't leave every pigeon out LOL.

so true!!

The perfect child

got in trouble in school today cuz of this

got in trouble in school today cuz of this😂

I think thats selena in the piv

I heard it on tv today and like freaked out lol

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

laughing my butt of when I saw this, I remembered this was my rejected dream. why would they reject me? But Niall's face though XD

This whole post relies on the fact that when you read abcdefg, you're gunna sing it in your head lolol

That is officialy the Directioners alphabet!

Well................................................we have our issues................................*oh well* *smiles*

This is also true for sherlockians, them people are nuts!

Hahaha Lou's face!!! but we have Mixers and the 5sos family :)>*cause I'm happy clap along*

Except for fam and sheerios and mixers :p<<< This sucks I'm a Directioner/Swiftie and Swifties and Directioners clearly can't get along.


yesssss <<< hahahahaha can someone video tape that so i can watch it. OO OO or can my friend Danny teach their class!

Well, yeah... Basically you will be sent a ceremony invitation where all the new directioners are invited. For that you need to have an account in Twitter and insta and follow them all. Oh and should have read at least one Fanfiction in your lifetime. The ceremony is held every full moon in a barren Island in the Pacific Bermuda only known to directioners.....      Now that's where I'd like to be.

There kinda is a process an unwritten one but still one nonetheless.

You look like a bumblebee.

Because Scott disick. I know I have pined this before. But it is just so true I had to share again! Why can't Scott be part of management?

I've pinned this Like 6 times but I laugh EVERY time I see it!:)

b like lets talk about One direction LLN.

At first I was thinking Niall and Ireland..But then, realized that they meant 5SOS..Oops!

Niall is more of a fangirl than anyone in the fandom

Louis xx>>>>I was thinking about this the other day, why do we not talk about this more?

He is the sassiest person