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Stephen Wolfram's Post on Analysis of Facebook ... - Deepest Turtle, Highest Eagle - Quora

Stephen Wolfram's Post on Analysis of Facebook ... - Deepest Turtle, Highest Eagle - Quora

Social life now exists through the cyberworld. This diagram provided by Wolfram Alpha depicts how interactions are made through the social network Facebook.    http://bits.blogs.nytimes.com/2013/04/25/looking-at-facebooks-friend-and-relationship-status-through-big-data/?ref=technology

Data analyst illustrates his daughter's online social network in terms of where she met her friends. Do you use social media to keep in touch with your camp friends?

I came across this Whiteboard video below with Rand Fishkin from Moz in which he basically says most infographics are poorly designed and overused, and don't have the impact that good visuals should have. He says "savvy" marketers are abandoning th

SOCIAL MEDIA - "How to create perfect posts on Social Platforms". (perfect-post-infographic-my-clever-agency).

Ten Common Blog Writing Mistakes Infographic

Grammar and spell check website Grammar Check has put together a comprehensive infographic detailing 10 common writing mistakes.

Doing social media marketing for your small business? Wondering how often you should post? Recent studies reveal how often to post to Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more. Click to blog to get all the tips!

How Often To Post On Social Media [infographic]

Wondering how often to post on social media? Recent studies have shown the optimal posting frequencies for different social media platforms.

Peak social media posting hours

Post on social media from for maximum effectiveness. (not sure if this works, but worth a try) The Best and Worst Times to Post on Social Networks (Infographic) (I pin this with the caveat that it depends on your audience)