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Birthday Card - May your joys be measured in a lifetime. | Charles H. Pabst | 10830 | Leanin' Tree

The river of Sh'ia Amarrat ("God's Sword") cuts through the harsh Wasi'ri ("Prophesy") Mountains on it's way to the city of Rujat (The Hollow City) and the great Northern Sea. "Canyon Serenity", painting by Charles Pabst

Desafio Criativo - Sua dose diária de inspiração e criatividade!: Artista Conceitual Português Cria Ambientes e Paisagens de Tirar o Fôlego

Alm atias refuge Andreas Rocha is a concept artist based in Lisbon, Portugal who created awesome stream of digital landscape using Adobe PS, Corel Painter or Studio Max. Andreas’s inspiration comes from games of Lord Of The Rings, Star… Continue Reading →

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Fantasy city setting inspiration The upper districts and levels of Palaethos are (often) quite lovely, being built later in the Eternal City's history. (Fantastic Conceptual Art by Jae-Cheol Park)

Hoje em destaque, as concept arts de Kalen Chock | THECAB - The Concept Art Blog

Hoje em destaque, as concept arts de Kalen Chock | THECAB - The Concept Art Blog

I would love to stand where this was taken and bask in the glory of its beauty.

From the legend of the giant who fell in love with the moon. He knelt and cried tears of joy at the very sight of her. Yet every morning they turned to bitter weeping that she had gone. So he climbed the highest mountain he could find so that he could w

Jason Scheier 7

And welcome to our new weekly selection of Speed Paintings in collaboration with the Daily Spitpaint FB group . This week the selected artist are : Alex


Sky light Waterfall, The Art Of Animation. I dreamed of seeing two waterfalls a couple of nights ago;

19 Templo de los espiritus en Ritroir. Situado en las montañas orientales. Es un lugar de peregrinación que se encuentra casi abandonado actualmente.

Environment is important, you establish mood through choices of color and dimension. The castle has soft curves and arches, connotations that is a place of tranquility and safety while the rock structures are sharp and angular with a cooler color pallet o

Underground Cappadocia city concept for "Assassin's Creed 3" by Max Qin.

Underground Cappadocia city concept art by Max Qin.jpg