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Urban foraging

Reclaiming the New River

Urban foraging, via ?

Alec Soth USA. Del Rio, Texas. 2011.

We used this picture as the invite for the Postcards I pop-up show. We’ll use it again for Alec and Brad Zellar’s pop-up show tonight at the Ransom Center.

Feral :: George Monbiot

Feral: Searching for Enchantment on the Frontiers of Rewilding- George Monbiot. George Monbiot is, as always, incisive and thought-provoking (although he'd prefer to provoke us into action).

Finally, a greenhouse which can also accommodate people: the Camouflage House. Why should we continue considering that greenhouses are suitable only for plants? This house by Hiroshi Iguchi is part of the Fifth World project which aims to promote eco friendly, sustainable architecture. The house takes natural elements & blends them all into the design of the interior. Warm, natural materials are used. Wood for the floors, light, traditional Japanese panels, white canvas for heat control

Sustainable Architecture in Japan - a greenhouse for a house!

Agnès Varda, Bord de Mer, 2009, digital HD projection, Blu-ray aspect 16:9 color/sound video projection, sand.©AGNÈS VARDA/COURTESY BLUM & POE, LOS ANGELES, NEW YORK, AND TOKYO/GENEVIEVE HANSON

On Digital Sand by Rachel Ellis Neyra

Imperial Sand Dunes, Calif., 2011

What's The Landscape Of Modern Landscape Photography?

We used to get out mail from here. Our big adventure was walking across town and seeing Mrs. Moore our post office lady. She was wonderful to us.

Our big adventure was walking across town and seeing Mrs. Moore our post office lady.

Sausalito (

Sausalito, and the golden gate bridge

Everything I Long for.

Everything I Long for.