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The temptation is seriously growing...maybe a call to my boss, first.

Shaved-Head Celebrity Hairstyles - Take a peek at these pop and Hollywood divas who managed to popularize the shaved hairstyles trend and spread it all over the world. Copycat their style and ideas for a smashing and unique hairstyle.

Selma Blair she's great with Charlie Shen on Angermanagement

Celebrities Bring Debate Over Public Breastfeeding to the Forefront — Obscene?

Sublime Selma

Pixie or Not Pixie Everyone knows that the very first pixie cut was seen in an old-timey horror movie by the name of Children of the Corn. Issac is rockin’ the pixie and rollin’ the church lady.

Selma Blair

What We Can All Learn From Selma Blair’s Apology

What We Can All Learn From Selma Blair's Apology

Actress Selma Blair apologized after being escorted off of a plane in a stretcher.