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wanna have... (not the paintings. The stools made from electronic waste)

Rodrigo Alonso’s N ew Seats Are Cool Electronic Time Capsules Full of E-Waste

I don't love the fabric, but here are instructions on how to make your own headboard.  SUPER EASY.

I bet hubby would like a cushioned headboard, since he's often propped up reading or watching telly.

Classic French manicure

Bridal Nails

Handmade Matt: Van conversion. From scratch to home on wheels. A Camper Van "How can I make one of those?"

Professionally built or converted Camper Vans can cost a small fortune. A handmade option is a long process but very rewarding and one of th.

♂ Hermès M9, Special Edition Camera, by Leica, via Freshness from http://www.freshnessmag.com/2012/05/11/leica-m9-p-edition-hermes-premium-special-edition-digital-camera/

♂ Hermès Special Edition Camera, by Leica, via Freshness