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When you're chronically sleep deprived, your brain doesn't work too well. This is my life

baby sneezes - rush to the doc. leg falls off when they're older - grab an ice pack!  Haha!! True ;)

Funny, "too real" parenting comics; taking your kid to the doctor. when they're a baby. when they're older./ this also perfectly describes the difference between first and second child :)

What kids expect when you do something funny.my nephew "just one more time?

How to get your kid's full attention

The only time I have my kids full attention is when I try to take a crap by myself.

Self Esteem

fowllanguagecomics: “Low self esteem is an invaluable commodity when making webcomics. Bonus panel here.

My 3 year old to a T!!!!

Brian Gordon aptly captures the incidents in daily life of a parent through his funny comics on parenting- Funny Fowl Language Comics.

17 hilarious parenting comics that are your life.

17 hilarious parenting comics that are your life.