#face - Arnold Genthe, Lee Miller, 1927.

Lee Miller / photograph by Arnold Genthe / about 1927 / Museum no. © Victoria and Albert Museum, London

tierramarga:    L'Etoile de Mer (1928, Man Ray - Una Lady italiana

tierramarga: L'Etoile de Mer (1928, Man Ray - Una Lady italiana

Photo Elliott Erwitt

Elliott Erwitt

Photo Elliott Erwitt

Every artist relies on good models ... Lee Miller by Man Ray. Care to look at obsession?

Man Ray, Lee Miller’s Eye, Man and Miller's intense relationship resulted in some of the most striking imagery of their careers. Here, Ray photographed Miller's eye.

During the decades they spent holidaying in Morocco, Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Bergé became captivated by the culture of the native Berber, or Amazigh, tribe, which has inhabited North Africa for 9,000 years. The extensive collection of Berber art and artifacts the couple acquired from the ’60s until Saint Laurent’s death in 2008 is now housed at the Musée Berbère at the duo’s Jardin Majorelle studio villa in Marrakesh.

The Berber Decorative Tradition, an Inspiration to Yves Saint Laurent

Wiremen of the 3rd Armoured Division, Cologne, Germany, 1945, photo by Lee Miller

The unseen archive of Lee Miller