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How to Put Others First in Your Every Day

God has called us to a heart that serves others. But the daily to-do list is long and if we are being honest, this serving thing gets pushed to the back burner. These are great tips to help you get started on making others a part of your everyday.

7 Bible Verses About Self-Esteem For Teenage Girls. Plus, 7 tips to increase self-esteem in your teenage daughter.

Fun, Creative (and Plenty of Free) Birthday Ideas For Husband

Bible Verses to Teach Biblical Wisdom to Kids

There are many, many character traits my husband and I want to teach our kids: to show perseverance; to always practice integrity; and to understand how to lead with humility and grace. However, there is one foundational character quality that we encourag

Mar 3 What God Really Wants for Moms with Young Children

What does God really want for mothers of young children? He'll tell you this as you calm to hear him. "Sweet mama, these are your slow and gentle years." This is just what me heart needed on this day

Random Act of Kindness - Leave change for others with FREE printable

Changing luck one person at a time! This is the perfect St. Patricks Day activitiy to do with my kids. Leave change on gumball machines and other places.

A Biblical Family Mission Statement

How to teach your kids to be a Servant

Looking for ways to encourage your children to serve others? You'll love this FREE printable Scripture on serving others.

Is Your Spirit Gentle Towards Others

Is there someone you’ve been praying for hoping they change? Are you trying to teach them the Gospel but instead, it becomes a hot-headed argument? We are called to share the Gospel with others. Hoping and praying they accept Jesus as their Savior.

Bible Verses to Teach Biblical Wisdom to Kids

The ultimate resource on Bible wisdom for kids! Everything Christian parents need to know about teaching kids biblical wisdom, including a list of bible verses about wisdom and parenting resources on wisdom for kids.

Getting rid of ‘stuff’ saved my motherhood

Bible Verses that Shape the way I do Wifehood