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Findhorn a gift from Eileen Caddy

experience of Findhorn through the 365 Daily Meditations "Opening Doors Within" by Eileen Caddy

Eileen & David Caddy with their children, and Dorothy MacClean

Findhorn – Ecovillages: Lessons for Sustainable Community


Black Walnut Champlain Bowl In Champlain Wood Bowls By Andrew Pearce

An Introduction to the Findhorn Foundation (+lista de reproducción)

The Findhorn Foundation is a world renowned community and education centre at the heart of the Findhorn Ecovillage, demonstrating new ways for people to live.

Our Visit to Findhorn

Findhorn garden with the angels and see what you can do!

Findhorn boardwalk, such a majestical place!

Findhorn boardwalk, such a majestical place!

Findhorn Original Garden; A Story by Peter Vallance

Filmed in the Findhorn Community's original garden this story is loosely based on a folk tale from the African American tradition. Filmed by Giada of Littlew.

Weisdale Kirk,Weisdale,Shetland Isles,Scotland

Weisdale Kirk (Church) Shetland Islands, Scotland Built Kirk is Norse for church.

Trust Betrayed: Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and the Selling Out of America's National Security by Scott Taylor http://www.amazon.com/dp/1621573273/ref=cm_sw_r_pi_dp_hTtMub054AFKS

Ex-Navy SEAL sniper Scott Taylor served his country for eight years. Taylor finally came home after he was injured during Operation Iraqi Freedom. Years later, he became outraged when he discovered the truth about Iraq. War based on lies & deceit for oil.

and Remedies from the flowers of Scotland

Sacred Space Mist a revitalising space clearing spray to refresh & energise your personal space.