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Skuvoy, Faroe Islands.

A brief article focusing on a list of 10 important female figures of the Viking Age, their achievements and historical legacies.

Cape Breton Highlands National Park

Cape Breton Highlands National Park

English Historical Fiction Authors: Seventh Century Northumbria – Dark Ages, Wild West or Golden Age?

British history posts by authors of British historical fiction.

Alcatraz reveals its darkest secret: Hidden military fortress beneath the prison

Researchers have stumbled across something mysterious in the already mysterious Alcatraz prison - an old military fortress tucked away beneath one of the country’s most well known prison facilities.

Sensational archeological discovery in Canada could rewrite North American history. Vikings may have been to North America much earlier than believed

L'Anse aux Meadows, recreated long house, the archaeological site of Viking settlement in North America (Canada).

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Vikings: Reconstruction of Viking village in Haithabu (Hedeby), Germany.

Bruarfoss in Iceland. Bruarfoss is a perfect location to get your once in a lifetime aurora photos

Turquoise River, Brúárfoss, Iceland - Um, what! A turquoise river!

Treasure Chest Credit Card Wallet - Coin Purse Wallet - JooJoobs Original Design…

The Treasure Chest Credit Card Wallet by JooJoobs is handmade from full grain oil leather. Its rustic appeal made it the selling Wallet on Etsy. This wallet also can be personalized making it an awesome bridemaid gift.

Seems like a world I would love to see

A viking ship. "The ship sailed across the murky waters; destruction coming and lean, the boat whisked toward our way.' I gazed up at the ship and instantly knew that the monks could not find anything that could save us.