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Spotify – Collins

how the visual re-invention of firms such as Spotify holds the key to fortune and fame

Spotify’s Redesigned Branding Identity Gives It A Bold, ‘Music Brand’ Look - DesignTAXI.com

Brand identity update for Spotify by Collins, introducing duotone colour palettes and visuals


Spotify prend des couleurs: la nouvelle identité de marque !

bus with spotify duotone effect

A text and video tutorial on how to do the spotify duotone effect in Photoshop. Spotify Duotone Effect can be learnt in 15 minutes in this tutorial.

Placeholder Image

Placeholder Image

Duotone is the specific name for multitone printing in using two inks. It can also be done with three or four inks. This process requires that the press be set up with special inks, usually pantone colours, instead of the standard CMYK inks used for process colour printing.

Duotone adds a unique design element to images from artists that are well-known and widely-used. Duotone can make a huge effect to your design and give dynamic effect.

Welcome to the new Dropbox

Welcome to the new Dropbox

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Spotify – Collins

Via Visuelle – Collins’ wonderful work for Spotify (posted.