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Painted Lady.  Java.

Painted Lady. Java.

Tattooed Porcelain Figures by Jessica Harrison

Tattooed Porcelain Figures by Jessica Harrison

Tattooed Porcelain Figures by Jessica Harrison tattoos sculpture porcelain

Jessica Harrison's "Painted Ladies" are exquisite little things. I liked her "Broken" series from a few years ago (http://www.jessicaharrison.co.uk/page7.htm) but the tattoo ones are a little more aesthetically pleasing...

Amazing Tattooed Porcelain Figurines: “The Painted Ladies” by Jessica Harrison

The Victorian doll is a symbol of feminine delicacy and piety, but the Scottish sculptor Jessica Harrison has turned that notion on its head, constructing porcelain figures and painting their flesh with vivid sailor tattoos

The Woman Tjepu, from Thebes, Tomb 181, New Kingdom. Tjepu was a noblewoman about forty years old when this painting was executed, but she is shown in what was the height of youthful fashion during the reign of Amunhotep III: a perfumed cone on her heavy wig, a delicate side tress, and a semitransparent, fringed linen dress.

Ancient Egypt: The Lady Tjepu, holding a Menat beaded percussion necklace.Thebes, Tomb New Kingdom, ancient Egypt.

Saatchi Art Artist: Ged Casserley; Pencil Drawing "Elizabeth Taylor:"

Elizabeth Taylor: Drawing by Ged Casserley

via Saatchi Online Artist: Ged Casserley; Pencil, Drawing "Elizabeth Taylor:" This is stunning!

painted lady butterfly | Painted Lady

The Painted Lady Butterfly is also nicknamed the "Cosmopolitan" in North America because it is such a widespread butterfly.

Retratos digitais por Selenada

Delicate Female Portraits by Bec Winnel