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Funny pictures about Some mind-blowing facts. Oh, and cool pics about Some mind-blowing facts. Also, Some mind-blowing facts.

Cute and surprised baby Are you saying I didn't come from the stork? (Photo: Balic Dalibor/Shutterstock)

9 ways babies are really weird

The Liberal Government has made huge changes to the Canada Child Benefit program (CCB) last month. It was actually part of their electoral campaign. Under the old system, the CCB -actually c…

Mom use to do my older brother  John's hair like this beautiful baby's. I sure do miss him!

♪♪♪ whatever the thought going through this cuties head it has to be an adorable thought!


Ludwig Photography Haha love love love this cute face! I still need to try to get a pic of S's "I just woke up and am irritated" scrunchy face!

I just tried humming with my nose plugged and I sounded like a sea lion pooping.

Interesting things to know

Funny pictures about Useless things you don’t need to know. Oh, and cool pics about Useless things you don’t need to know. Also, Useless things you don’t need to know.

8 Ways to Help Ease Your Child’s Fear of the #Dentist #dentalfear #childrensoralhealth

8 Ways to Help Ease Your Child’s Fear of the Dentist. DO NOT USE scary words to instill fear/threaten children. Always keep it positive

I love this baby's hair! So cute and quirky

oh my goodness! The hair! I had to pin this bc I've seen newborns with a ton of hair, but never blonde! It doesn't even look like newborn soft hair. This is full on grown up blonde hair!

XD can't sleep... brb imma blow up the sun because the light is keeping me awake???

Ten random and interesting facts // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes - the one about the Eiffel Tower, that man was dr dufenschmirts!