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Make a Duct Tape Wallet

How to Make a Duct Tape Wallet. If you have a taste for the unconventional, enjoy do-it-yourself (DIY), or simply love arts and crafts, whip out that roll of duct tape and turn it into something useful. Even though gray duct tape was used.

Make DIY crafts using Duck Tape® brand duct tape. Learn how to make a classic duct tape wallet, or browse hundreds of simple crafts for kids and advanced DIYers alike.

Use your favorite duck tape colors and prints to create unique wallets, tablet covers, flowers, jewelry, and more.

Duct Tape Wallet detailed tutorial | DIY beautify

Get this complete tutorial for making a FUNctional Duct Tape Wallet with space for bills and credit cards!

Best Duct-Tape Wallet Tutorial EVER! #DIY #crafts #Wallet

How to Make Duct Tape Wallet: Tutorial

The sheet will have a natural crease down the middle.

How to Make Duct Tape Wallets

The sheet will have a natural crease down the middle.

Make It Easy Crafts: Duct Tape Crafts;  A Ziploc Bag + Duct Tape = Cute Pencil Pouch  Would Be Awesome With Some Collegiate Duct Tape!

Make it easy crafts: Duct tape crafts; a ziploc bag + duct tape = cute pencil pouch - perfect for storing paper dolls

duct tape business card holder

How-To: Duct Tape Business Card Holder

Give your business card case as much creative personality as the cards inside with this handy and customizable duct tape business card holder tutorial!

17 Ng Ang Pinakamahusay maliit na tubo Tape Mga Likha

17 Of The Best Duct Tape Crafts. mostly pinning for the duct tape mask

15 Cool Duct Tape Wallets. I like the way they put the stripes on the wallets on top of the picture.

The DIY duct tape wallets are durable nature due to tape long living quality and also shiny and colorful. We have made these cool duct tape wallets