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I think this all the time. Try going in pitch black with a picher of water, a flashlight, and a bowl. As you pour the water in to the bowl shine the flashlight across the water. It will move sightly with the light.

Never sleep at parties

Funny pictures about Reasons not to drink. Oh, and cool pics about Reasons not to drink. Also, Reasons not to drink photos.


Funny and Relatable! Me and someone trying to correct me about a fandom I'm in or a show I watch.

ack these long pictures never seem to turn out right

ack these long pictures never seem to turn out right

ack these long pictures never seem to turn out right - FunSubstance

This way to true

I do this ALL the time! I go up to something and I'm like "that's pretty" and I look at the price tag and I'm like "never mind it's ugly"

Ive got the same problem.

Ok this is just hilarious! It's so true! Unless you are all muscle you feel so fat when you sit down! I always end up lifting my legs up, 'cause I can't stand it. I feel like everyone's staring at my legs!

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XD Panic at the Disco - This is Gospel. I'm using this next time I try to convince my mom to let me go to a concert but for extra credit i think ill just sing the whole song.

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The Dab is getting out of control now. How many times do you dab during the day?

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I had more poly pocket clothes then my own clothes 😂😂😂

Die murderer die!

Teenager Posts this is a perfect explanation!<<< i said that to my mum and she just shook her head and walked away<< so gonna use this my mom hates my messy room!