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Make This Adorable Gingerbread Truck for Christmas  - CountryLiving.com

Make This Adorable Gingerbread Truck for Christmas

Edible decorations make for unforgettable holiday moments. Expand the tradition beyond houses with a country-approved gingerbread pickup truck.

Peppermint Porch Gingerbread House

Peppermint Porch Gingerbread House and lots of other Christmas decorating ideas. I used to love when Mom made the annual gingerbread house and decorated it.

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Winter wonderland gingerbread house Christmas cake recipe BUT BUT BUT how on earth do you keep the ginger bread houses from going soft in the 2 minutes between finishing icing and serving the cake!

Рождественский домик.

MaybeACookie Gingerbread house: Every detail of the house is handpiped with Royal icing only! (except 3 fabric ribbons)

Love this sugar cube house!

Sugar Cube House---This will keep the kids going for days! Just put microfiber cloths on their little feets add a sugar cube house and voila! You wont have to sweep for a month!

Amazing Gingerbread Houses - Pictures of Gingerbread Houses - Good Housekeeping

50+ Cutest Gingerbread Houses to Make Over the Holidays

We've decided to visit with Christmas past and share some of our all-time favorite gingerbread houses from Good Housekeeping's annual gingerbread contest throughout the years.

Gingerbread house

Ideas for Kane's school Christmas party-gingerbread party. Everyone gets a homemade graham cracker house and ice cream cone tree. (This looks so fun!