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relationship takes hard work, nobody said its gona be easy but at least it should be worth it

And apologies were never even ever made.  When 'forgive and forget' isn't an option anymore.  You can only take so much.  Move along and live happy.

Treat me right the first time. Or lose me. Walk away quote by Trent Shelton.


Be a man of your word. If you say your going to call than call. If you say your going to come over then show up. Don't make plans and leave people hanging.

J. Raymond

I'd rather have a heart wide open than one that feels nothing. I'd rather die from feeling too much than feeling nothing.


Raymond- She went through a few things. beautiful woman : Dangerous woman : Intimidating woman: You can't force a flower to bloom

Of course you can be "lost and directionless" and everything that I am and could be for you not mean a damn thing.