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A beaver hat is a hat made from felted beaver fur. They were fashionable across much of Europe during the period 1550-1850 because the soft yet resilient material could be easily combed to make a variety of hat shapes (including the familiar top hat).

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the felted beaver fur that was traditionally used in construction proved just slightly too hot for the summer months. The solution was the introduction of straw top hots for summer wear. In the very early 19th century some were even painted black to resemble their winter counterparts as closely as possible, but eventually leaving the straw its natural color became the style of choice. This one is American in origin and dates to 1832.

Top hats were a fashion must for all respectable gentlemen for a good portion of the century. However the felted beaver fur that was traditionally used in construction proved just slightly too.

Man's bicorn hat, silk, lined, c. 1800, Britain or France. The V & A Museum, London.


British & French Bicorn Hats (Circa Man's bicorne hat in black silk, trimmed with a silk button, black silk braid and a pleated silk cockade.

French, 1822. British Museum, nr. 1948,0217.43

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my-ear-trumpet: doffyourhat: Headgear. From the ludicrous to the lavish, top hats are iconic. Nothing says old-timey goodness - or stage magician - quite like it. Perfect for concealing important documents, lethal weaponry, or prehaps small animals, even.

Bonnet c. 1820

ornamentedbeing: “ A GREEN SILK BONNET of extravagent shape, wide brimmed and lined in pleated cream silk, trimmed with chocolate velvet ribbons and later wide green silk ribbons