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Don't worry little Dash. I know the second part and things turn up. The mother's name is Honey Hue.

Poor Spike! Must've been so scary! XD

Mighty Morphin Equestria Girls

Season 5 Has a Villain Barney: "Celestia never told you what happened to your father, Spike." Spike: "She told me enough. She told me that you killed him!" "No, Spike, I am your father.

Rainbow Dash Simulator Part 2 by doubleWbrothers

Taking down Rainbow Dash will be the toughest one so far, since u. Rainbow Dash Simulator Part 1

Cannon - Zootopia/Robin Hood Crossover by The Awesome Will

zootopia/robin hood this is awesome but I don't think that Marian would have a problem with Judy Hopps<<<XD well it's likely

Stars for the Night by ~twilite-sparkleplz on deviantART

Stars for the Night by ~twilite-sparkleplz on deviantART Oh Twilight. We love you and your OCD.