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preening egrets - Google Search

preening egrets - Google Search

Kids who are too good for this world.

Kids who are too good for this world.

I just had Justin Timberlake's Strawberry Bubblegum playing in my head when I saw this. Too bad the last frame wasn't a bubblegum being popped. Ruined my song.

Beluga Whale says "Hey!" This made my day, I love Belugas, they are the happiest Whale!


Funny pictures about Experts At Camouflage. Oh, and cool pics about Experts At Camouflage. Also, Experts At Camouflage photos.

as if i needed ANOTHER reason to get a turtle @Melli-Lou Schmitt We could totally make these!!!

I need some turtles and someone who knows how to knit STAT! Fuckin turtle-shark That isn’t knit… it’s crochet. And yes, the turtle-shark is freakin epic.

Baby seal

Funny pictures about Honkshoo. Oh, and cool pics about Honkshoo. Also, Honkshoo.

Seriously these are so so cute!!!

Who says cats and dogs can`t get along? Raise cats and dogs in your home and you'll see what true love really means, it's like they complete each other and your house is filled with a loving energy.

Upside-down snuggle buddy

Ralphie, like other rescue bats, likes to have a Snuggle Buddy to sleep with.aww can I be a rescue bat so I can have a snuggle buddy?