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How can you tell when you need a break? :()

How can you tell when you need a break?

Funny childhood memory !

30 of the Funniest (Non-LDS related) Memes From the Past Week

As a kid, I used to talk into the fan to hear my robot voice. Who didn't do this as a kid?


For the classroom. "Don't lose your pen, you will die." Great humor for middle school!

I can totally see this happening!

I don't fall. I attack the floor! Whether it's backwards, sideways, or head on, I don't fall. I never fall. I surprise attack the floor!

Ohhhh I'll have to remember that, ah hahaha

I told my friend "before I die I want my last words to be 'I left a million dollars under the." I said "One minute, I have to die first." He said "oh, okay. How long will that take?" I replied "not really sure.

Got boobs – Funny text. Laugh your self out with various memes that we collected around the internet.


So on my thigh. Well it's near veins so I guess I bled to death. So I was in some war time and got shot in my upper thigh when I died.

I never make the same mistake twice...

"I never make the same mistake twice. I make it five or six times, just to be sure it is a mistake," Amelia smiled.


I'm never sure what to do with my eyes when I'm at the dentist. Do I close them? Do I stare at his face? Do I look at the ceiling? I mean what's the proper etiquette

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People keep telling me the 'right person' will come along. I think mine got hit by a bus or something. So true

testing 2.0-being stupid and yet outsmarting everyone at the same time.

How to fail a test. This is truly hilarious. I can't wait to be a teacher and see what hilarious things kids come up with.

I always thought this! Lol

My dentist told me I need a crown. I was like I KNOW, RIGHT? {i know u will appreciate the dentist humor} ;